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Datafanatix Pty (Ltd) specialises in Business Intelligence solutions across the BI platform. In addition to advising on strategic BI directions and architecture, we also provide premium SAS consulting services utilizing the SAS software suite to analyze, intelligently store and exploit the collective data assets of our clients.

In a business environment where: access to the data is a challenge; data integrity and quality are questionable; interpretation, prediction and analysis are inadequate; and the trust and "confidence" in the data and reporting a desire, Datafanatix can assist clients to make the appropriate decisions at the appropriate times.

We have experience across the market sector in providing professional business intelligence consulting, solutions, strategic, tactical and operational consulting services and premium SAS resources that enable our clients to build enterprise value and increase operational efficiency.

By recruiting top individuals with good problem solving skills and, when necessary, applying our innovative and proven training methods, Datafanatix is in a position to offer premium skills to the market, specialising in the efficient management of large data volumes and complex transformations. Our in-house SAS training course is also available to our clients to assist them with their own recruitment and training initiatives.


Our Vision is to be the employer of choice by continuously investing in the edification of our employees, supporting career growth and providing equity opportunity in a rewarding work environment.


The Mission of Datafanatix is to be the BI solutions provider of choice and the number one supplier of premium SAS resources and services.

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